Welcome to The Capsule, a locally owned and operated business. We have a great friendly team of pharmacists and bank staff who are here to help. We specialise in Integrated Functional Medicine, combining your prescription medicines with suitable natural remedies to give you the best outcomes

July 2022 - We are currently vaccinating eligible people for the 4th COVID shot (2nd Booster). So if you want to get vaccinated then please go to bookmyvaccine.covid19.health.nz website and make an appointment. _______________________________

Services We Offer

At The Capsule we offer a range of functional medicine clinics to help you through these unprecedented times.

Sleep Clinic - We have a range of practitioner only products that we can prescribe to help you get a more nourishing sleep.

Cardiometabolic Clinic - This is a very widespread disease which can affect many people. Ask to speak to one of our Functional Medicine Pharmacists.

Stress Clinic - These times can be stressing, why not ask one of our practitioners how we can help? Contact us to book an appointment.

Weight Loss Clinic - We run various weight loss clinics that we can tailor to your individual needs.

Metabiome Testing- This is a unique test that gives you an idea of what your microbiome consists of and it enables us to better treat some of your conditions.

Omega 3 Testing - Omega 3 levels are becoming increasingly important. Why not contact us to find out what your levels are and what it means for you?

The Capsule can also take orders online for prescriptions and products then deliver them to your door.

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Virtual Consultation

Want to get some advice and talk us?
Our pharmacists are available for a virtual consultation to assist with all your health needs. We can also provide natural remedy consultations, giving you an integrated approach to your health care. Email us and we'll be in contact to arrange an appointment.